Killing the goose that lays the golden egg

Perhaps the UK Government’s Cabinet were not around when Aesop’s Fables were discussed in their respective schools. Certainly, they don’t seem to know the moral in the fable about killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

Oil platform


Stopping oil drilling in the North Sea?

It was unsurprising that there has been a lot of comment on the web about European politicians demanding a stop to drilling in the North Sea in the wake of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The implication is that this is a stop to all drilling operations.

oil drilling

North Sea oil back on agenda?

There are welcome signs, as we enter the last week before the election, that some in the political arena have started to acknowledge the continuing significance to this country of the North Sea oil and gas industry.

North Sea oil

Helicopter tragedy memorial service

As the news breaks that the helicopter which crashed last week had suffered a catastrophic failure in its part of its main gearbox, details have been announced of the memorial service that is to be held next week. Read More...

UK faces disastrous North Sea decline

A top Aberdeen oil executive has sounded a warning in The Herald today that the North Sea oil and gas industry faces a disastrous decline if the government does not take action on the tax regime. Read More...
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