New Scottish Goverment

The formation of the new Scottish Government is under way, following the SNP’s landslide success in the Scottish Parliament elections earlier this month.

Scottish_Parliament

Where has all the money gone?

I got back into my car, turned the ignition and on came the news. There were three items about lack of money for public projects. It all made for extremely depressing listening.

How have we got ourselves in this mess?

Money squeeze

Aberdeen: last in government support league

When it comes to central government support, Aberdeen is at the bottom of the Scottish league, once Edinburgh’s capital city bonus is taken into account.

Aberdeen Town Houase

Why does AECC not attract central support

It does seem as though there are double standards, when the Glasgow and Edinburgh both have government support for their exhibition centres and Aberdeen is left out in the cold. Read More...

Green light for Aberdeen by-pass

The Aberdeen by-pass has finally been given the green light, but the Scottish Government’s announcement does seem to be back-pedalling on the commitment to build the AWPR by the Transport Minister’s date of 2012.

Bridge of Dee

Big Brother: is 2009 our 1984?

Watch out. From March, the government will have a record of your visit to this website.

people

RIP conventional bulbs

The EU is taking control of your home lighting.

candle

Trump saga takes another turn

You have to hand it to the politicians. They really know how to screw things up good and proper sometimes. Donald Trump is clearly not a man known for having endless patience. He wanted to build "the world's greatest links golf course" here in the North East of Scotland.

I'm sure that even he would not have expected the proposal to get the green light without due scrutiny. But he could never have expected to get lost in the dither and prevarication that is the British planning system. Read More...

Aberdeen drops off Edinburgh's radar

The National Planning Framework has gone out for consultation. It identifies nine infrastructure developments of national significance. Guess what? None of them are in Aberdeen City and Shire! Read More...

Do politicians have a death wish?

Judging by the letters and columns in the newspapers, I am not the the only one who is watching the ever unfolding Trump saga with growing disbelief.

First Aberdeenshire Council get themselves into a total guddle, because a minority committee rejects a planning application. The majority of the councillors are apparently in favour, but the council is unable to refer the decision for ratification by the full council. Now when the £1 billion plan looks like it has been saved by the Scottish Government, other politicians now pop out of the woodwork desperate to stick more spokes in the wheel and, potentially, derail the plan. Read More...

Scottish Executive becomes Scottish Government

Scottish Ministers have formally adopted the title Scottish Government to replace the term Scottish Executive as an expression of corporate identity. Read More...

The people have spoken, don't defy their will

As Scotland looks forward to the appointment of a new Government, following one of the most exciting election battles for years, the Lib Dem spokesman this morning took a swipe at the SNP. Basically he was sounding remarkably like Gordon Brown, in effect saying that they wouldn't work with anyone who wanted independence. Read More...
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