Are Aberdeen's visitors spongers or wealth creators?

Last week Aberdeen city Councillor John Stewart reportedly made the comment that: “Frankly, the city has been subsidising people from outside the city for too long”.

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How to kill Aberdeen city centre trade

So, one of the possible revenue-raising measure proposed by Aberdeen City Council as part of its budget proposals is city centre road tolls (or ‘congestion charges’ as they are euphemistically called).

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The Spires posts positive results in recession

Aberdeen-based serviced suite operator, The Spires has brought some positive financial news into the recession hit accommodation sector by posting a strong performance for the 2008-09 financial year. Read More...

What is the truth about paper mill sale?

We are in a claim and counter-claim situation over the Inverurie Paper Mill. Was there, or was there not an offer to buy the mill? Read More...

Job losses at Inverurie paper mill

The news of International Paper’s decision to close Inverurie paper mill may not be unexpected, but the actual announcement is still a heavy blow for the local economy with a loss of 371 jobs.

Inverurie Paper Mill

Paper mill future under threat

There have been several times in recent years when we have held our breath over the future of the Inverurie Paper Mill. Tonight it seems that our worst fears may be founded. The mill’s owners, International Paper, based in Tennessee, has said that the mill is “unprofitable and not financially viable”. Read More...

Credit crunch bites

Ever since the Credit Crunch took hold and grew into one of the biggest financial crises of our time, there have been a succession of journalists taking the shuttle to Aberdeen to present stories about the city that ‘escaped the crunch’. Read More...
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