What was the point of the referendum?

So we had a referendum so that the electorate could decide whether Aberdeen should go ahead with the City Garden Granite Web plan and the other elements in the funding package, or abandon the plan and stick with the existing Union Terrace Gardens.

The outcome was a majority in favour of the City Garden Granite Web proposal.

City Garden design

Decision made, you would think? The people have spoken.

But Labour has swept back into power at Aberdeen Town House and formed an amazing left-right partnership with the Conservatives and four independents to take power.

And one of their first moves will be to try to overturn the decision of the referendum.

What the heck was the point of holding a referendum in the first place if 17 councillors, with a smaller popular vote than the City Garden received, can decide to ignore the expressed will of the people that the investment package in the city centre should go ahead.

Presumably £182 million of much-needed investment in the City Garden, Upper Denburn, the Art Gallery, St Nicholas Street site and the Urban Realm walkway will sink with it, if Labour wins the vote?

Even some of those who opposed the City Garden at the time of the referendum are shocked that the outcome can be brushed aside.

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