The wedding

Yes, I enjoyed the bits of the Royal Wedding that I saw. We do, do pageantry rather well in this country. It was an opportunity to celebrate our Britishness.

Like everyone, I was also relieved that it all, apparently, passed without incident. Thank God, royalty can still travel the streets of London in open top coaches... and open Aston Martins!

Horseguards Parade

What I did find annoying, though, was the way that Scotland was frozen out by so many of the commentators, particularly in the United States.

If I had a pound for every time a commentator or writer called Prince William “the future King of England”, I would be able to buy the entire pub a round of drinks. It’s not just a snub to Scotland to hijack our joint royalty in this way, it is also 300 years out of date!

The title King of England disappeared, along with the English and Scottish monarchy with the Acts of Union in 1707. The two monarchies were abolished and replaced with a single British monarchy.

I have heard excuses that King of England is easier to say than “King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

Very true, but surely “KIng of Britain” is even easier to say? Plus, it doesn’t snub one of the nations that created the United Kingdom and isn’t out of date by 304 years.
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