Retexturing reduces accidents

The news that ‘retexturing’ of accidents black spots in Aberdeenshire has reduced accidents by 100% is welcome, but not surprising.

Our roads, in Scotland and indeed across the UK, have never been safer with serious accidents and fatalities at their lowest figures for 50 years and more – despite the huge increase in traffic over that period. But one accident is one too many and we can never stop trying to reduce the number.

One place where accidents seem to keep occurring is on country roads in Aberdeenshire. In the past in this column, I’ve suggested that polished road surfaces could well be to blame.

The fact that – according to reports in today’s Press and Journal – retexturing the roads, using a system of tiny hammers that restores the grip of worn out road surfaces would suggest that theory is correct.

In days gone by roads were resurfaced every few years. Now, with cost cutting meaning our roads are in quite a shocking state of disrepair, the 100% reduction in accidents on sections of retextured roads tends to confirm those fears.

People often say that ‘roads don’t cause accidents, people do’.

Usually that is correct. But the worn-out road surface theory suggests that – in some cases – it is indeed the roads that cause accidents.

Hopefully our elected representatives will take note and give greater priority to maintaining roads as a national asset, not just to avoid future maintenance headaches, but also to save lives.
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