What ever happened to the Scottish strawberry?

Remember when Scottish strawberries were a mouth-watering taste of the best soft fruit in the world? Now, if you buy them in supermarkets strawberries are tasteless and unexciting. Why?

Apparently the supermarkets are more interested in the visual appearance of strawberries than in the taste. For that reason the fruit growers of Tayside have been persuaded to plant new varieties of strawberry that have the vital attribute not of taste, but an ability to survive being dropped on the supermarket floor!

Let's boycott supermarket strawberries until they bring back real Scottish strawberries, rather than the notorious El Santa variety.

Until then, I advise you find a small shop, pick-your-own, or roadside that stocks the real McKay.

Last year our Tesco strawberries went in the bin. This year we are trying to think how to actually give them some flavour!
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