Aberdonians want to 'chill out' on holiday

As we start to thaw out – albeit briefly – after early onslaught of winter thoughts turn to holidays in the sun. Right on cue, up pops Mazda with a survey of Aberdonians desires and attitudes about holidays.

The car company says the majority (65%) of people in Aberdeen would reject ‘hard and fast’ holidays in favour of ‘nice and easy’ breaks. Apparently most of us (69%) would also rather ‘leave the world behind’ than ‘bring the gang’.

Mazda possibly states the obvious when it says: “As winter sets in, the days shorten and the pace increases in the run up to Christmas, the results suggest people from Aberdeen would be more likely to be found find sipping cocktails beside a pool on a tropical island if given the choice during their holidays, than living the high life in a fast-paced city”.


That, too, is hardly surprising given that many in Europe’s Energy Capital get more than enough ‘fast pace’ during 50 weeks of the year and look forward to two weeks of doing relatively little!

Aberdonian’s attitudes to fashion were overwhelmingly relaxed with more than 80% of those surveyed saying they wear what they like, rather than being a slave to fashion.

There was a big difference between the sexes when it came to packing. More than 75% of men from Aberdeen said they would ‘travel light’ and buy what they needed when they reached their destination. By contrast, more than half of the women surveyed said they would opt to “pack everything”. So if you see men carrying a small bag and women with bulging suitcase at Aberdeen Airport, you will know why.

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