Road accidents in 2007 at all time low

Scotland’s road accident statistics just released for 2007 show yet another reduction in deaths and injuries on Scotland’s roads. But – against the background of recent fatalities among young drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the North East – the statistics are little comfort.

  • In 2007 there were 281 deaths on Scotland's roads, a reduction of 11% on 2006 and the lowest figure ever since records began in 1950.
  • There were 2,375 people seriously injured in on Scotland’s roads in 2007. This is also 11% fewer than in 2006, and the lowest number since records began.

Since 1997, road accidents have fallen by 25 per cent whilst road traffic volume increased by 16%.

The statistics analyse the contributory factors most often reported for fatal accidents:

  • loss of control - 40% of all fatal accidents for which Contributory Factors were recorded
  • travelling too fast for the conditions - 18%
  • driver/rider failed to look properly - 18%
  • driver/rider careless / reckless / in a hurry - 15%
  • poor turn or manoeuvre - 12%
  • exceeding speed limit - 11%

These factors are notably different from the analysis of accidents in the UK in 2005.

The UK figures had failure to look properly as the top accident cause, noted in a third of all accidents – compared with 18% in these Scottish figures.

Across the UK in 2005 exceeding the speed limit was a contributing factor in only 5% of accidents, compared with 11% in these figures.
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