Scotland would be in deficit even with oil?

So, according to a UK Government report, Scotland’s economy would still be in deficit even with the oil and gas revenues from the North Sea.

The claim comes in a Scotland Office document which has been released to pre-empt the Scottish Government’s annual Government Revenue and Expenditure in Scotland (GERS) report due out later today. Scottish Government Finance Secretary John Swinney said: "These figures are plain wrong, and this is a joke report”.

I find the fact that the UK and Scottish Government are playing “ya boo” politics with such important issues, deeply disturbing.

oil rig

I know the two governments have different politics and different ideals. But – as far as Scotland is concerned – I would have hoped they could show some consensus, rather than indulging in the politics of the playground.

Last year the GERS report showed Scotland having a surplus of £800 million with a geographical share of the oil and gas revenues from the North Sea.

So, who do you believe?

  • A government led by an oil industry economist (The First Minister of Scotland) who have a vested interest in presenting a rosy picture of the Scottish economy as part of their aim for Scottish independence?
  • Or a UK Government led by a Cabinet, many of whom have resigned amid accusations of ‘cooking the books’ and manipulating the expenses system for their own financial benefit.

Difficult choice!

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