Unfair system squeezing Aberdeen finances?

It seems there is more to these £27 million cuts in Aberdeen City than meets the eye. Many of us may take issue with the services that the councillors have chosen as the target for their axe, but there seems to be a basic unfairness in the way Aberdeen City Council is funded.

Aberdeen City Council gets £320 less per person than the Scottish average.

That seems incredible given that Aberdeen has a gross domestic product per head of just under £30,000, compared with a UK average of just over £17,000.

It appears that the reward we get for hosting much of the infrastructure for an industry which has kept the UK economy afloat for four decades, is to have the money drained out of our coffers.

  • According to an article in the Evening Express yesterday, if Aberdeen City Council was to receive even the Scottish average, the city would be £66 million better off this year.
  • If it was to get the same as Glasgow, it would be £158 million better off.

That the city is facing swingeing cuts in services for its most vulnerable citizens in these circumstances seems scandalous.

It's time for Aberdeen's councillors to prove their mettle and set about finding a way round this ridiculous situation, before we have to close Glencraft, respite day services, special needs schools, centres of excellence and a range of services for our vulnerable citizens. Hopefully also before we have to lock the doors to the ice rink, the Bon Accord Baths and Doonies Farm.

It's also time for the Scottish Government to act, before vital services and outstanding services are lost.

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