Anger at delay in Aberdeen by-pass

I know I am not alone in my anger at the delaying tactics of Road Sense in pushing their case against the much-needed, long-delayed Aberdeen bypass.

Road Sense (not surprisingly renamed by some as ‘Road Nonsense’) have refused to accept the normal democratic process and are intent on forcing the road through more legal hurdles.

Not only will that cost presumably millions of pounds more in legal bills and staff time preparing and producing reams of paperwork, but it will also delay the bypass by up to two years.

Finding a way round Aberdeen

The dangerous mix of heavy traffic on B-roads caught on phone camera

  • That’s two more years in which the the only trunk road connection to a dual carriageway network that stretches as far as Pisa in Italy will be over in mediaeval bridge with a seven foot width restriction.
  • Two more years of uncompetitive infrastructure damaging the economic prospects of Aberdeen City and Shire.
  • Two years more for you and I to be stuck in traffic wasting time and money.
  • Two more years for you and I to have to face 40 tonne trucks using unsuitable B roads to get round the city.
  • Two more years of accidents caused by heavy traffic using narrow country roads.
  • Two more years of added cost, delay and lack of competitiveness for businesses in this area.

And to what purpose?

The need for the road seems obvious. A bypass has been on the cards since the 1950s.

So the chances of Road Sense stopping AWPR are surely slim. That brings us back to the current delaying tactic, which will surely make Road Sense more enemies than friends.

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