plane daft

I find tonight’s story in the Evening Express hard to fathom. Apparently taxis from the airport can’t operate in the city and taxis from the city can’t operate at the airport.

At least that’s what I take from the quote in the Evening Express story.

“At the moment we have a situation where airport taxis are not licensed to pick up in the city, and city cabs are not licensed to pick up at the airport.

At a time when we are looking to achieve efficiency in transport, reduce traffic and cut fuel usage. That has to be “plane daft”!

It must make sense for a taxi that picks up a passenger at the airport and takes him, or her, to the city centre, to then be able to operate efficiently by taking a passenger to the airport on the return journey.

It would seem logical that a taxi taking a passenger to the airport should be able to pick up fares there.
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