Hard to sympathise with serial illegal parker

It is hard to summon up any sympathy for the Aberdeen legal firm employee currently facing potential bankruptcy over almost £20,000 of unpaid parking fines.

Of course, we have all had times when we have hated the parking restrictions in the city. And many of us will have experienced the sinking feeling of coming back to our car is to see a yellow chequered ticket stuck to the windscreen.

I count myself among these. Usually it is because a meeting overruns and what I’ve paid at the ticket machine has run out. Once, I had bought a ticket but in an extremely absent-minded moment, I had forgotten to stick it to the window!

But, if we all flouted parking laws like this woman, Aberdeen’s city centre would simply grind to a halt.

With Aberdeen City Council still battling budget problems as lowest funded council in the land, that £20,000 should be in the city’s coffers, not in the legal eagle’s purse.
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