EU oversteps its mark again

The EU risks alienating some people very close to home in Brussels. There is a street right in the heart of the capital where the restaurants on both sides of the street spill out onto the pavements and diners sit outside all year round. The EU is apparently set on a course that would make all that a thing of the past.

The EU's latest target is patio heaters. Apparently they will have to go. In the name of environmentalism we are all to be confined to our houses. No more sitting outside enjoying the great outdoors at home. Only on the warmest of days could we enjoy the pleasure of a street cafe. Smokers, having been evicted from pubs and restaurants, would lose the chance to enjoy their pints in relative comfort in beer gardens.

Enjoying the outdoors at street cafés could be a rare pleasure of the past if the EU gets its way

You really would think that there were more glaring environmental priorities for the bureaucrats of Brussels to target.

For those of us living in the northern parts of Europe, patio heaters give us the opportunity to enjoy the alfresco life which would otherwise prove impossible.

I resent the suggestion that my elected MEPs can take that pleasure from me. What was that about personal freedom?
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