Trump saga takes another turn

You have to hand it to the politicians. They really know how to screw things up good and proper sometimes. Donald Trump is clearly not a man known for having endless patience. He wanted to build "the world's greatest links golf course" here in the North East of Scotland.

I'm sure that even he would not have expected the proposal to get the green light without due scrutiny. But he could never have expected to get lost in the dither and prevarication that is the British planning system.

As if the system did not grind slow enough (we should know, we have a seemingly-simple planning application that is coming up for its anniversary, still without a decision) the politicians seem to be determined to mire the whole issue in all sorts of witch hunts.

It really did seem a bit rich, therefore, that – after the Scottish Government announced that the whole application would go to a public local inquiry – one of the ring leaders in organising the parliamentary witch hunt over Alex Salmond's involvement in the application, had the audacity to criticise the government for its delay!

If any good is to come out of this, then (apart from the fervent hope that Donald Trump hangs on in there with his application) it must be the recognition that we need a wholesale review of the planning system.

When we are wanting to build a strong new economy for our future, we cannot have a planning system that operates at a speed which is ten times slower than the world of big business.

Business, after all, is the wealth creator for our economy. Without business there would be no wages, no salaries – not even for the planners who have to process the applications!
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