Big Brother: is 2009 our 1984?

I am not a subversive, or a terrorist. Apart from the occasional misdemeanour behind the wheel (yes, I know I did 35 mph for the first hundred yards of the 30 limit yesterday), I am not a law breaker.

So, I should have nothing to hide.

Why, then, am I concerned that from March this year, the UK Government plan to keep a record of everything I do online?

Every email you send. Every email you receive. Every website you visit.

The government wants to record everything you do online.

The postal service has been around for years and – other than for criminals, or during wartime – no-one has ever suggested that mail should be opened and recorded. Indeed, it is illegal to open other people’s mail.

Recording our internet activity treats us all like suspects.

It is a step too far.
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