Time to adopt European time?

“Now the clocks have gone back, we’ll all suffer gloomy evenings to keep Scotland happy.” So gripes Victor Keegan in the Guardian.

Well, I know many Scots, including this one who would welcome the clocks not going back in the winter. From October 1968 to October 1971 Britain did just that, the clocks in this country stayed on GMT + 1 all year round. To maintain the same BST description, the word “standard” was substituted for “summer”, so the country for two years was on British Standard Time.

Alarm clock

There was an increase in the number of accidents during the darker mornings, but this was more than counter-balanced by the reduction in accidents in the evening. During the British Standard Time experiment there were 2,500 less fatalities and seriously injured.

This certainly concurs with opinions that school children, in particular, are more vulnerable in evening darkness returning from school (when they are more likely to be playing with school friends and possibly more tired after a day at school).

Mr Keegan. Bring it on!

Many of us would be very keen to see either British Standard Time return or – probably more logical – would be to align our time with Europe which would mean GMT +1 in the winter and GMT + 2 in the summer.
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