Where has all the money gone?

I got back into my car, turned the ignition and on came the news. There were three items about lack of money for public projects. It all made for extremely depressing listening.

Money squeeze

Putting the squeeze on public spending

How have we got ourselves in this mess?

  • Aberdeenshire Council were reported as not knowing where the money would come from for the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route.
  • Lewis Macdonald, MSP, was interviewed saying that Aberdeen City Council could not provide funding for the City Square project and questioning whether the Scottish Government could.
  • The Scottish Government was reported as saying there would be no additional money for repairs to our crumbling roads.

I would like to know what happened to our money?

My taxes -- local and national -- have not gone down in the past year. My motoring taxes also, far from going down, have increased dramatically.The oil and gas companies in Aberdeen are still pumping oil and filling the Exchequer’s coffers with something like £12 billion every year. GDP per capita in Aberdeen is still some £12,000 higher than the national average.

And yet, we appear to be so poorly off, that:
  • Our roads resemble those of a Third World country.
  • Aberdeen City and Shire’s infrastructure remains stuck in the 1970s.
  • And public funding for significant local projects is, at best, in question.

So, where is the money going?

Answers please on the front of a Conservative, Labour, SNP or a LibDem election leaflet -- in simple straightforward language, with no waffle, no excuses and no fudging the issue.
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