BT Broadband outage

At 6.15 pm last night, right in the middle of downloading a document, our broadband went out. I did the usual cursing and scurrying around resetting hubs, checking computer settings and then went to dial BT faults only to find their broadband line was apparently ‘engaged”.

It was then that I picked up my iPhone and checked on Twitter. Even though it was only possible to get onto the internet by using 3G it was clear from the tweets in this area that this was a major outage.

Compurwe keyboard

If this had been the first major outage it would be annoying. The fact that this is the second major outage to affect this area in recent months is concerning.

Broadband these days is not a luxury. It is an absolute essential. Without broadband, business cannot be conducted. In that respect many business people, myself included, could be thankful it was outwith normal working hours.

As the broadband returns this morning, what rankles again is to read the statement issued by BT at 3 am, nine whole hours after the outage began:

“We are aware of a temporary problem in the [Edinburgh], Fair Isles, Northern Highlands and Islands area that may be causing some users difficulties accessing the Internet. Our engineers are working to resolve this problem and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

“Our sincere apologies to everyone affected in the UK. Engineers will continue to work on this until it's resolved. Thanks for your patience.”

To me that sounds like a desperate attempt to minimise the scale of the problem.

  • Elsewhere BT refer to the outage beginning at 9pm. Wrong! My broadband and others in this area lost broadband at 6.15 to 7pm.
  • Is the phrase “difficulties accessing the internet” a euphemism for “unable to connect to the internet due to a complete outage of broadband”?
  • Where, precisely, does Aberdeenshire (and Perth where I know connection was also lost) fit into “the [Edinburgh], Fair Isles, Northern Highlands and Islands area”? Again it sounds like BT trying to minimise the problem

So, having upset me by losing my broadband connection for a second time in recent months, BT have now upset me all over again by what looks to be a blatant attempt to minimise what was clearly a major and widespread failure.

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