New City Centre Heart Potential Home for Energy Futures Centre

AREG (Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group) today welcomed the vision for a new city centre heart as a potential location for its world-class, state-of-the-art Energy Futures Centre.

The ambitious plans to establish a flagship Energy Futures Centre were originally proposed at Aberdeen's beach boulevard but AREG says the impressive new city heart envisaged for Union Terrace Garden could offer a more appropriate location within the space created by the elevation of the gardens.

"There is huge potential to bring together two major projects that will benefit the region - the regeneration of the city centre and the creation of an Energy Futures Centre,” said Morag McCorkindale, chief operating officer for AREG. “It could also fast track our plans for the centre which is vital to establishing Aberdeen City and Shire as a global leader in renewable and clean energy.

"Our centre will be a visible, long-term statement of the region's commitment to renewable energy which underlines ACSEF's aim to make Aberdeen a world energy centre.

"While the Energy Futures Centre is about stimulating all energy business, we also aim to make it a major attraction for local people and international visitors with a public science centre and viewing gallery. This would further complement ACSEF's exciting vision to make Union Terrace Gardens a vibrant hub creating business and leisure for the people of the North-east and visitors to the region."

AREG's ambitious plans are to develop a Research Centre in Energy Futures which would reinforce one of its key roles - to lead the way nationally and globally in research and development - and become synonymous with Aberdeen's Energy Capital status.

The iconic building will be home to new infrastructure and facilities including everything from commercial office space, meeting and conference suites to training, research and the latest in renewable energy technologies and solutions.

Championing the 'future of energy' in the city, the centre will bringing together key players in oil and gas, and renewable, green and clean energy and creating a hub for the energy industry.

It will be dedicated to promoting industry collaboration, energy policy development, knowledge sharing and leadership on sustainable energy projects with engineering technology research, ICT and green energy applications at its core.

Enhancing the facilities will be a number of specialist careers, employment and recruitment zones, which will be further complimented by a public science centre and viewing gallery.

It is envisaged that the centre will become a hub for oil and gas and renewable industry professionals around the world as well as an international visitor attraction.
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