What's the truth on the buses?

Like most citizens, I suspect, I am totally confused about the situation with the First Bus strikes in Aberdeen. The messages are so obfuscated that I have no real understanding of the arguments.

It doesn’t help that the unions are now trying to tell us that the strike this week was not timed to coincide with the schools going back. (At least I think that’s what they said.)

It must have come as such a surprise when the union found out that the date they had chosen was the first day of school. Even more surprising when they realised the time they had chosen just happened to be at precisely the time the kids were getting out of school.

Then, there is the question of what the strike is about. The placards say “Cut my pay? No way!”, or something of that ilk.

I thought they were reportedly being offered 1.85% by First.

That’s not a pay cut. That’s a pay increase!

So what’s with the placards?

In the current financial situation where most companies have introduced a total pay freeze. Gaining sympathy for and demands for increased pay is not likely to win much in the way of public support.

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