Repairing Aberdeen, Repairing Scotland

Trips into the centre of Aberdeen used to be a pleasure. It was good to see the city at its best. Sadly, now, these trips serve as a reminder of off how our city is decaying.

Yesterday, dodging the craters, I drove into the city centre. It was not a pleasurable experience. Apart from the appalling state of our roads, the white lining on the streets is fading into oblivion.

Bus lanes are being consigned to history. Not, unfortunately, because they are being abolished to give the road space back in equal measure at all vehicles, but simply because nobody has bothered to repaint them.

These things are all adding up to an aura of complacency and neglect.

Let’s face facts! Europe’s Energy Capital is looking decidedly down at heel. The scary thing is, that Aberdeen City Council’s financial difficulties hold out no hope of a dramatic improvement.

Against that background there must be concern about maintaining the services and infrastructure needed for a vibrant international energy city.

Our only hope must be that the Scottish Government recognises the global importance of Aberdeen’s position as one of the world’s leading energy cities. They need to release some of the city’s money (siphoned off from the local community to central funds) to put Aberdeen back on its feet.

Can it be right that Aberdeen is the poorest funded local authority in Scotland (if you take into account Edinburgh’s capital city allowance)?
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