A tax on your view?

There were probably many, like me, who sat and chuckled as the panel members on ‘Have I Got News for You’ joked about government plans to tax people’s view from their homes. But, the warning bells are ringing that this is not such a far-fetched story.

It is being reported that the part of the manifesto for Labour at the next Scottish Parliament elections will be a new property tax based on the value of your home. So, if you have a nice view, or if you do up your home and look after it you will pay more tax.

Sea view
“Nice view.... that’ll cost you!”

The Conservatives and the SNP have both been quick to express their opposition.

“This is a bout of summer madness from Labour,” Nanette Milne, Conservative North East Scotland MSP declared. “I fear that Scots will be hammered for saving and investing in their homes, with the inspectors using the tax tips picked up from abroad. The Scottish Conservatives will oppose these tax plans outright and curtail the intrusive and invasive powers of the state tax inspectors."

For the SNP, MSP for Aberdeen North, Brian Adam said that the plans would “penalise home owners and pensioners”.

Dr Milne claims that In England, the Labour Government has already sent council tax inspectors around the world to pick up tips for the forthcoming council tax revaluation. She claims they have been “bragging to foreign tax inspectors about their sinister new property database”.

According to Dr MIlne an investigation has revealed that recent trips have included “jaunts” to Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Spain, France, China, Belgium, Finland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Lithuania, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Poland.
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