Danger on country roads

The fatal accident yesterday on the B977 underlines, yet again, the increasing pressure that is being put on totally unsuitable roads west of Aberdeen as we wait, and wait, and wait for the promised Aberdeen by-pass.

As someone who has to commute from north of Aberdeen, to the south side I use these roads regularly and, quite frankly, the number of trucks on these narrow twisty B and C-roads is quite frightening.

Bridge of Dee
Until the AWPR opens, this 16th century width-restricted bridge is the only trunk road link into Aberdeen and North East Scotland

It is now something like six years since the Scottish Executive (as it then was) confirmed that it would build the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route and yet.

When they took over power, the SNP announced that the road opening would be delayed for a year from its then promised date of 2011. The Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson confirmed that this was due to problems with some of the orders not complying with EU regulations and the fact that there was no contingency time built in.

But, he said, 2012 was the firm date.

Well, Transport MInister, 2012 is just two years away....

To see how long the Scottish Government have left to deliver the AWPR by the promised 2012 date, check the AWPR countdown.

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