Putting Energy Institute in Glasgow is utterly illogical

The news that Glasgow is likely to be the Scottish centre for the UK Government's proposed Energy Technologies Institute is completely illogical. It is like establishing an institute of crofting research in Swindon, or putting a financial services institute in Barra.

I have always been told that, to make a success of anything, we should play to our strengths and build on them.

  • Aberdeen is indisputably one of the world's leading energy centres.
  • Aberdeen is home to 900 companies involved in the energy sector, 300 of them international.
  • Aberdeen is already home to to ITI Energy which funds and manages energy research
  • Aberdeen is the base of ITF - a global organisation for energy industry technology
  • Aberdeen is the only UK city to be a member of of the World Energy Cities Partnership.

Windfarm sunset
Aberdeen is one of the world's leading energy cities - surely the only logical home for the UK energy institute?

Can Glasgow come up with anything to rival any one of these simple facts?

What possible justification has the Government got for centring an institute of energy anywhere other than its natural home... Aberdeen!
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