Trump will not appeal and is looking to Northern Ireland

Donald Trump has confirmed that he will not appeal Aberdeenshire Council's extraordinary decision of just seven councillors to refuse planning permission for the Trump International Golf Links Scotland development. Reports say he is already talking to landowners at an alternative site in Northern Ireland.

Last week,
Liberal Democrat Councillor Martin Ford used his chairman's vote to sway Aberdeenshire Council's Infrastructure Services Committee against the development, potentially scuppering the entire £1 billion project.

Now Aberdeenshire Council have announced that a
Special meeting of Aberdeenshire Council will be held to investigate the decision. The meeting, the council leader says, will be held as a matter of urgency - but, as yet, there is no date!

“The public response has been quite overwhelming and we must listen carefully to the views of the people who elected us," said Aberdeenshire Council Leader Anne Robertson.

“This development has the potential to be an extremely important diversification of our economy and I personally will do all I can to keep the application alive.”

Sounds like the Liberal Democrats are rather split on this issue.

One Liberal Democrat convener is apparently proud of potentially killing off a project that that his Liberal Democrat leader describes as an "extremely important diversification"!

Can we have some guidance on Liberal Democrat policy?
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