The Herald corrects Kelvin McKenzie's BBC outburst

The Herald has come up with the answers to blast Kelvin MacKenzie's outrageous anti-Scots outburst on the BBC Question Time programme.

"The Scots exist solely on the handouts of the clever English generating wealth in London and the south-east," he told David Dimbleby.

Had he made similar remarks about an ethnic minority he would have probably have had to justify his comments in a court of law.

The Herald's Scotching the Myth investigation, blasts his assertion out of the water. Kelvin McKenzie's attempt to portray us as subsidy junkies, spending England's money, just does not fit with reality.

  • The Herald found that public expenditure in Scotland is actually lower than in London! £9631 as compared with £9748 per head.
  • Tax per head at £9593 per head in Scotland is the second highest of any part of the United Kingdom.

It is to be hoped that the BBC take note of these figures and make sure that, in future, they only spend our licence fee on booking people who (while they may be outspoken) at least base their statements on knowledge and understanding of the facts.

  • If Kelvin MacKenzie's distorted vision of the facts is indeed prevalent in England then perhaps it is time to call their bluff and call for the repeal of the Act of Union. That would return Scotland to the status a sovereign nation, within the United Kingdom, as we were after the Union of the Crowns and before the union of the parliaments.

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