What do you mean fast link not in consultation?

Have I got this right? Does the RoadSense argument with the Aberdeen bypass come down to the Stonehaven fast link not being included in the 2004 route consultation? From what I read in the press it seems to.

If so, then it is surely a spurious objection.

The Stonehaven fast link was included in the 2004 AWPR consultation, as this map of the routes consulted on clearly shows.

AWPR map showing Stonehaven fast link

Now, can we get you to drop your objection and go ahead with what is now a long overdue part of the transport infrastructure for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire?

More than 11,000 people have already signed the petition telling William Walton and RoadSense we want this road built. RoadSense - Stop the Nonsense!
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