Aberdeenshire Council moves to sort itself out

The removal of Councillor Martin Ford from the chairmanship of the Infrastructure Services Committee and the decision that major projects must be capable of consideration by the full council go some way to sorting out the Trump mess at Aberdeenshire Council. We can also take heart from the support demonstrated by the full council for the Trump International Golf Links Scotland development.

The question has to be asked how we allowed ourselves to get into this mess, which has sent appalling signals reverberating around the world about Aberdeen City and Shire not being the place to do business.

How come it took this to point out the flaws?

  • An anti-development chairman in charge of a committee that decides on major developments.
  • A minority committee having the final say on major developments, rather than the full council.

The horse looked like it had already bolted before these stable doors were fixed.

But there are indications that the Trump team may indeed hang on for a decision now that, by default, it has passed out of local councillors' hands.

We may yet see the benefits of a £1 billion boost to our local economy and the name of Aberdeen City and Shire writ large in the list of world-class destinations.
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