Election debate: Perhaps SNP have a point

When I first heard that the SNP were demanding to be part of the TV debates for the forthcoming UK election, I was inclined to question the justification. But, now that had some more time to think about it, I think they do have a point.

The argument against the SNP being part of the debate, I presume, is that they are not relevant to all viewers in UK-wide debate.

However, if you extend that argument, then a requirement of these debates should be that participants avoid subjects like transport, health and education. These matters are devolved to the Scottish government, and therefore not relevant to all viewers in a UK wide debate!

The truth is that the people in Scotland will be interested in what our party leaders have to say about transport, health and education, even if it’s not directly relevant to the policy in force in Scotland. This is after all a United Kingdom.

I would therefore hope that viewers in the rest of the UK would be interested in the UK issues that concern the Scottish Government. How are they to know this, if the governing party in Scotland is not represented?

Surely the compromise should be that at least one of the UK-wide debates is hosted in Scotland, with the SNP represented. (The issues should be the same as the other debates, namely UK government issues – not a Scottish ‘opt out’)

In any case, we should ask how come all these debates are scheduled to take place in England? This is after all a British election.
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