Kelvin MacKenzie promotes Scottish independence

Kelvin MacKenzie's outburst on the BBC Question Time programme where he said that the Scots love to spend (Britain's) money but don't like to earn it, is the sort of comment that fuels the drive towards Scottish independence.

Listening to these words in the part of Britain that has probably done more to underpin the UK economy for the past 30 to 40 years than any other, these words are exposed as the arrant, anti-Scottish nonsense that drives the Scots towards independence.

There is a certain irony that the words are uttered by one whose name is so Scottish - Kelvin Calder MacKenzie!

It seems that Kelvin MacKenzie must have been duped by what almost seems like a shameful consipiracy (as Andrew Marr put it in his his "History of Modern Britain") to airbrush the huge significance of the North Sea oil and gas industry out of Britiain's history.

It's as if little Englanders simply could not stand the truth that the current economic strength of UK plc has been underpinned by the investment, enterprise, endeavour and technology which has largely taken place in Scotland!

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