Dismay at continuing bypass misery

When the SNP government first took office the then Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson confirmed that the Aberdeen by-pass opening date would have to be put back a year. Instead of opening in 2011, he said, it would not open until 2012.

After the Court of Session turned down Road Sense’s objection to the road, there were reports that the road would not now open until 2017 – five years later than the government promised. Now we hear that Road Sense is intent on piling on the misery by lodging an appeal.

Trucks on unofficial bypass

The reality of the B-roads west of Aberdeen. Trucks, cars and narrow roads make a lethal cocktail.

It must be obvious to anyone who tried to get round Aberdeen or travel from North Aberdeenshire to the south, that the Aberdeen by-pass is desperately needed. The delays occasioned by this missing link in our transport infrastructure is costing businesses millions of pounds every year and damaging the competitiveness of our economy.

Family road users also face continued misery and potential tragedy.

It’s bad enough that getting past Aberdeen adds 50% to the journey time of people who live to the north of the city as they try to reach the Central Belt for family visits, holidays, shopping or entertainment.

But, many people point out that the current situation of 40-tonne artics racing round the city on B and C-class roads is lethal. These roads were never meant to carry heavy HGV traffic and, hurtling past other traffic with a couple of feet to spare is dangerous enough in mid summer, but on slippery winter roads it is simply lethal.

Of course the trucks should not be on these roads. But, who can blame them? If you have the opportunity to get round the city, or take an hour or more going through it, what would you do?

The time has come for our politicians to bite the bullet and deliver what they and their predecessors promised. We cannot wait until 2018 for the Aberdeen by-pass to open.

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