More broadband misery

So, it happened again. This morning, during peak office hours, BT broadband failed for a second time in five days.

From the early reports it appears that most of Scotland, much of Northern England and Northern Ireland were all affected by the outage, just like on Friday last week.

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Although I was fuming at my own situation, with two hours effectively wiped out of my productive business day, I really felt particularly for the person who had resorted to the 3G connection on their phone. “I have ten minutes to submit a tender online. If my broadband is not up again, who pays?”.

Who pays, indeed? Is there a compensation package and how do we make a claim?

As you can see from my previous post, there was a certain amount of anger at a second outage in a matter of months. But, that anger is considerably greater at having a second outage just days later.

For me, the anger, both times, was increased by BT’s inability to communicate. The fault line was ringing out engaged or, on one occasion this morning, a recorded message told me “this service is currently not available, please call back”!

It is staggering that a communications company with the resources of BT cannot at least provide authoritative information on their customer care lines.

I am left wondering if there are other broadband suppliers who can provide a more reliable, more informative and more responsive service.

It is up to BT to prove to me that I can continue to have confidence in their service.
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