Mystery over Cameron's 'rule Scotland'

All the headlines quote Conservative leader David Cameron as saying he would “rule Scotland with respect”.

Puzzled, because the assertion that he would “rule” Scotland implies anything but “respect”, I tried to find a transcript of his speeches and quotes on the subject.

UK Parliament
The UK Parliament does indeed need to “respect”, but not “rule” Scotland as an equal partner in the United Kingdom

So far I have found no direct quote from him about how he would “rule Scotland with respect”. But, so many headlines use these exact words that I suspect it is the line that has been peddled to the press by the Conservative spin doctors.

If that is the case, then letting slip the word “rule” negates the Conservative’s claim to “respect” Scotland, the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.

So, where did the first “R” word come from – Cameron or a clumsy spin doctor?
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