Visitors find closed doors

So we have these relatives from America coming to stay over Christmas and New Year. But nothing seems to be open.

Want to take your overseas visitor to a castle for Christmas? No chance!

Are we missing a trick by not showcasing what we have to offer to our visitors? You bet we are!

What impression are we leaving with people when they find everything of interest is shut.

What better time to visit a distillery? Closed for the entire Festive Period!

I don’t have any recent figures, but in 1999, tourism was said to be worth £200 million to our local economy in North-east Scotland.

If we are serious about growing that, we have to be a bit more serious about providing tourism opportunities the year round – especially at one of the peak tourism times, Christmas and New Year.

  • Well done Glenfarclas! According to their website their visitor centre is at least open one day during the Christmas to New Year period. We’ll be there, no doubt with credit cards at the ready and bottles heading back to the USA.
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