Aberdeen to get first car-share lane

Aberdeen could get its first car-share lane under proposals being discussed by NESTRANS.

The idea is to add an additional 2+ (or HOV) northbound lane – open only to vehicles with two or more people – to the A90 at Bridge of Dee.

Car pool lane
Car-pool lanes, like this one in Los Angeles, provide a very real incentive to double up

  • It would be a welcome move away from the dogma that sets aside precious road space to be underutilised by a few buses and taxis.
  • It would also undoubtedly help to reduce the length of queues for the roundabout on the south side of the Bridge of Dee.
  • It might even provide a very real incentive for people to car share.

However the element of realism that needs to creep in here is that the new lane will only accelerate people’s arrival at the roundabout.

It will not, in itself, sort the bottleneck that successive local authorities and governments have failed to address. The Bridge of Dee is unfit for a 21st century road network. It is a historic 16th century bridge that, in more forward-thinking Victorian times, was widened to cope with horse-drawn traffic!

Oh for some of that foresight and decisiveness from our authorities now!
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