Credibility of Aberdeenshire Council is on the line

It is no exaggeration to say that the credibility of Aberdeenshire Council is on the line as a result of the Trump International Golf Links Scotland debacle. How on earth can a council allow seven councillors to halt a £1billion project? That's only around 10% of the councillors on Aberdeenshire Council!

Not only that, but the reasons these councillors voted against seem to be questionable to say the least.

One councillor is reported as saying he found the developer's attitude 'patronising'.
Since when is the developer's attitude grounds to refuse or accept a planning application?

Some of the councillors protested afterwards that they didn't want to stop the development, they just wanted to get the developer to "compromise".
Since when was scoring points against developers part of the function of a planning councillor?

Then there is the question about the chairman.
How come a man who has shown himself to be opposed to infrastructure was appointed chairman of the Infrastructure Services Committee?

It looks increasingly likely that Aberdeenshire Council will let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip through its fingers.

The fallout will not only be loss of billions of pounds of potential business from the development and the huge spin-off potential, the loss of potentially millions of pounds of planning gain and incalculable damage to the reputation of Aberdeen City and Shire as the region "not to do business".

Aberdeenshire Council created this mess. Now it must sort out and quick if it is to be left with any credibility.
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