Haudagain action? But is it flawed?

Are we actually going to see some action over one of Scotland's worst traffic black spots? The infamous Haudagain roundabout has been accused of costing the country between £15 and £30 million in lost time, delayed deliveries and wasted fuel, let alone the undoubted diversion of trade away from Aberdeen.

Anyone who lives in the area is aware that the Haudagain is an undoubted disincentive to travelling into the city centre to do business. Suddenly, doing business elsewhere, or on the internet, seems much more attractive.

So we have a proposed solution. But will it work?

The solution being put forward is not a flyover. It does not even involve any changes to the existing Haudagain roundabout!
In short it is the cheapest of the options.

Most of the people I have spoken to reckoned the junction needed a flyover to work better. But the argument against a flyover was that it would be a massive structure like the Friarton Bridge!

I have heard of exaggeration, but, frankly, that is ridiculous!

The Friarton Bridge runs high above the Tay Valley outside Perth. A flyover need be no more than, say 20 feet above the surface or, in the case of an underpass it could even be at ground level.

The proposed scheme is to do nothing with the Haudagain roundabout. Instead the transport planners propose to add two new traffic light controlled junctions on the A90 and A96. (Yes, I know what you are thinking... 'isn't that going to make things worse?"). These two new junctions will be connected by a link road through Middlefield.

What we wanted to see was an effective and radical solution that befits a country and a region that wishes to demonstrate a determination to be a "competitive place" for international business and more world headquarters to locate.

Instead, I can see potential international investors continuing to shake their heads in disbelief at this example of our inability to really tackle our transport infrastructure needs, as they continue to hit the interminable queues on the way to and from our disconnected international airport.

I there is not a rethink on the plans, all I can fervently (and genuinely) hope is that I am proven wrong and that it works a treat. But, I am not confident.

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