Flying the Saltire in Aberdeenshire

A mystified letter from Detroit in The Press and Journal this morning questions the extraordinary decision of Aberdeenshire Council not to fly the Saltire – Scotland’s national flag – from council buildings.

The writer asks if the council is somehow ashamed of our national flag?

Admittedly, the writer is probably used to seeing the Stars and Stripes flown everywhere, all the time. Strangely in Britain we tend to only fly flags on ‘high days and holidays’, which is a pity. Let’s be proud of our heritage and fly our flags from public buildings more often.

The Saltire is the symbol that Scots relate to. As seen by this group of revellers at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. Let’s be proud of it and fly it regularly – even from Aberdeenshire’s buildings.

In Scotland the logical flag to fly is the one that represents our particular nation. The Saltire.

Let’s hope our Aberdeenshire councillors can be as good at changing this corporate decision as they were to see the logic of getting the Trump decision overturned.
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