Third world roads

Years ago I made my first visit to Africa and one of the things that amazed was the state of the roads. There were potholes and craters everywhere.

Now, as I drive around the roads in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, they are more and more reminiscent of that trip. There are huge potholes appearing all over the place.

The bill for damage to tyres and suspension is mounting and there is the ever present danger of people veering into your path either to avoid a crater, or because they have been bounced by one.

Frankly, the state of our roads is shocking. We pay something in excess of £36 billion in tax to keep the roads in this country in a good state. Clearly nothing like that is being spent on our roads.

Roads are our principal means of communication by far. Something like 85% of all passenger journeys are on the roads, whether as a driver or a passenger.

They deserve a greater priority from our local councils.

In 2005, NESTRANS said that an estimated £250 million would have to be spent to catch up with repairs on the north-east's 3,750 miles of roads.

I think we can safely assume that investment was never made and the state of our roads has deteriorated dramatically as a result.
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