Thunderstorm deluge causes chaos

After the deluge on Tuesday, the papers were full of pictures of cars bobbing around in the loch of Polmuir Road, creating massive bow waves on Anderson Drive and general chaos. For some, water in underground ducts mean they will be without broadband, or even phones, for a week.

Rain and flooding in Aberdeen

A bit of light relief came when the Press and Journal highlighted that a store in the Bon Accord Centre had to close when water began to drip through its light fittings. The name of the store? Monsoon!

Now, no-one can control the ferocity of the weather.

Aberdeen is also a relatively dry climate with an average annual rainfall of just over 600mm. But, freak weather with a large amount of the stuff falling in a short space of time will always cause problems.

However, when did you last see a “gulley sucker”? As a youngster I used to always see them cleaning out the drains at the side of every road.

Could it be that many of drains in Aberdeen are choked and that is why the floods on Tuesday were so sudden and so severe?
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