What will happen to our postal services?

So the coalition has decided that, now that it is making a profit again, they will sell off the Royal Mail.

What will that mean for us, the customers?

Will the service remain the same? Or will the need to make a bigger return for the big global brands (that are the only ones with deep enough pockets to buy Royal Mail) result in cost cutting that will reduce the quality of the delivery service?

Will we still get mail delivered six days a week? Or, worse still, will we find that we have to go and collect our mail from our local mail office?

Royal Mail

A particular concern here and in the rest of the North of Scotland is whether we shall start to see surcharges creep in for delivery to “remote addresses”.

As most of us know, to our cost, some private courier companies charge extra for delivery to certain Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire post codes because they decree them to be in the “Highlands”. I have been quoted as much as £40 surcharge to deliver to my address, just 12 miles from Scotland’s third city!

Apparently they have never stopped to look at a map. This area has never been, either in geographic or political terms, in the Highlands.

One of the regular culprits is CityLink. They designate any postcode above AB12 as being in the Highlands. That means that Aberdeen’s Albert Street, for example, is in the “remote Highlands”, whereas Waverley Place, just 100 yards away, is in mainstream Britain!

Will we find the same sort of crazy thinking in the privatised Royal Mail?

  • We don’t need reminding (but, maybe some at the helm of companies like CityLink do). Aberdeen is a global business centre that is leading the UK out of recession. It is the hub of Britain’s biggest industrial investor which boosts the UK balance of payments by around £27 billion.

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