Time for decisive action on Haudagain

Can you imagine any other ambitious international energy city prevaricating about solving a road bottleneck that has been conservatively estimated as costing the local economy between £15 and £30 million a year?

The answer is obvious, surely.

So why is it that successive Aberdeen City Councils and governments seem to be incapable of seizing this particular nettle and sorting out what has been recognised, in a UK-wide survey, as Britain’s worst roundabout?

Haudagain roundabout – a flyover like this seems the obvious solution

Now, we are told we have to wait ANOTHER FIVE YEARS before we see any action.

Even then, there are many of us who cannot see the proposed solution providing a real cure.

How is a link road that ADDS TWO ADDITIONAL SETS of traffic lights, going to solve the problem? It sounds more like a recipe for adding two more traffic queues, where there is only one at the moment.

How is it that most people outside Marischal College and Holyrood seem quite clear that a flyover (with two turning lanes on the Auchmill Road/Anderson Drive route) is the only sensible solution?

Given the costs quoted for demolishing houses and building the infamous link road, would a flyover REALLY cost that much more?

And, in any case, spending the right amount to solve this particular bottleneck is not just a local matter.

As the powerhouse of the Scottish and UK economy, providing an efficient transport infrastructure in and around Aberdeen is truly a matter of national importance.
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