Remember summer 2007

Do you remember summer 2007? Wasn't it great? Long hot days of constant sunshine.

What do you mean you don't remember? It's not that long ago.

Yes, summer in 2007 came in April. I remember driving the car with the roof down almost every day. Sitting outside for breakfast and dinner, watching the mercury rise to over 20C.

Since then we have had autumn (May) and winter (June). OK, that is maybe a bit harsh but it is now past Midsummer's Day and we seem to have been stuck in a northerly airflow for weeks, bringing cold air from the Arctic Circle.

To be fair, the East of Scotland was quite badly affected in June by the sea haar. The cold sea mist that blows in to coastal areas from the North Sea. I have learnt that we are not the only ones to be affected by such cooling mists. In coastal areas of California for example they have "June gloom" caused by the "marine layer" coming in from the Pacific and I can recall sitting in Carmel shivering, while hearing that, back home, Aberdeen was enjoying temperatures of 25C+!

Let's hope it warms up for July and August!
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