Safe drivers are made, not born

Speaking in a Members’ Debate in the Scottish Parliament on Alison McInnes’s motion ‘Safe Drivers are Made, Not Born’ Dr Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for the North East said that in her time as a North East MSP, it had become clear that the area has a major problem with road accidents.

"Sadly the A96 and A947 have the unwanted reputation of having some of the most dangerous stretches of road in Scotland and Europe,” said Dr Milne. “So what can we do – what changes to attitudes to driving habits can help address this unacceptable loss of young lives on our roads?”

Dr Milne welcomed the publication of the ‘Young Drivers - where and when they are unsafe’ report by the IAM motoring trust, and she said she supported many of the measures which are identified to improve road safety for all our young drivers.

She fully endorsed Allison McInnes’ call for schools, young people, road agencies and local and national authorities to work together. In Grampian this work is already under way and I would like to praise the efforts or partners such as Grampian Police.

Grampian Police, together with the Fire and Rescue Service and other emergency services in the area, have already developed programmes to try to actively engage with our young people in schools and colleges in the North East.

“It is vital that the Scottish Government act to improve safety on our roads in the North East, and I am pleased that the Minister is taking this matter very seriously,” Dr Milne continued. “Anyone who has driven on the A96 or A947 will be aware of the long stretches of straight road which can lull drivers into a false sense of security and encourage excessive speed, and all means of making drivers aware of the risks of this must be pursued, including warning signage and non-skid road surfaces.”

Dr Milne also gave her support to the Scottish Government’s New Road Safety Campaign which looks to extend the Pass Plus scheme to support Scotland's young drivers.
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