Take a lawyer if you want to park in Aberdeen at night

Encouraging more visitors into Aberdeen to spend money and support the local economy. That would seem a laudable aim for Aberdeen City Council. But, the latest parking regulations seem certain to drive evening trade out of the city.

Now, it seems, it would be advisable to have a legal adviser with you when you park in the city during the evening – just to make sure you understand the confusing parking regulations and charges.

As I understand it (and it sounds so confusing, I am in no way confident I have this right), if you want to park before and after 8pm you have to pay two parking charges in Aberdeen City Council car parks!

Eh? Yes, I know it sounds weird.

So, if you want to park up to 8pm you have to pay for a ticket for the period up to 8pm. Charging for parking at that time in the evening may seem a bit mercenary, but at least that bit is reasonably easy to understand.

But, this is where it gets confusing

If you want to stay beyond 8pm, apparently you have to pay a separate charge of £1.50 for overnight parking – even if the amount of time you have paid is for a long enough take you beyond 8pm!

Have a I got that right?

We know Aberdeen City Council is in a difficult financial situation, thanks to it receiving the lowest central government funding of any authority in Scotland, but hitting patrons of evening venues with such a confusing, money-grabbing double parking fee seems plain crazy.

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