Trevipark automated parking step in right direction

News that a new underground automated parking system is being proposed for Golden Square has to be good news. It potentially solves the problem of the unsightly clutter of parked cars in one of Aberdeen's most magnificent squares, while also providing much-needed additional parking to help re-vitalise our city centre.

The system would take 180 cars and automatically and securely park them in a nine story car park below the surface of the square. The designers of the system - first used in Rome (hence the Trevi name) - say that your car is returned to you in just 50 seconds. You simply drive onto the lift system and your car is whisked away automatically and slotted into a secure bay.

While the plans have been warmly welcomed, the plan has divided politicians. SNP and Lib Dem politicians were reported in the press as supporting the plan. However, a local Labour MSP said the £3 million would be better spent supporting care and education and encouraging public transport. Our North-east Green MSP voiced the expected concerns about "carbon footprints" and "climate-wrecking emissions".

The reality is that, if Aberdeen city centre is to prosper, people need to be able to get there easily, park quickly and efficiently and do their business. This parking system not only helps to address that need, but it is innovative and technological.

If Aberdeen really does get one of the first Treviparks in Britain, it will highlight the city as being an innovative, forward-thinking city that seeks out radical solutions to the need to conserve the cityscape while allowing people to use the transport means of their choice to travel into the city to support its economy.
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