Politicians - let's have a new approach?

I found the short-lived consensus approach to the financial crisis quite refreshing. Suspension of the usual school-playground style of name-calling was good while it lasted.

Locally Aberdeen city’s councillors said they were going to ‘work together’ to sort out our own local financial crisis.

Now, both locally and nationally, we are back to the same old ‘ya boo’ stuff.

Do politicians – local and national – not realise that it is only the integrity of politicians, as a whole, that suffers when we get down to such childish tactics?

Aberdeen City Council
Time to move away from the ‘ya-boo’ politics, locally and nationally?

I watched John McCain take the microphone away from the old lady who wanted to tell the world what she thought of Barack Obama. McCain immediately made it clear that he thought Barack Obama was a man of some integrity, even if he disagreed with his ideas.

Top marks to McCain.

Politicians should do their profession the favour of saying they respect their opponents (when appropriate!), but that they disagree on the strategy, actions, or whatever.

If all sides in any political debate insist on presenting the others as unprincipled, incompetent liars then, guess what? They should really not be surprised if we, the public, believe they are all unprincipled incompetent liars.

Time for a change of style?
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