Kingswells roundabout drivers risk endorsement

Being involved in a near miss involving four cars at the Kingswells roundabout this morning highlights the risks that impatient drivers are taking with their safety and others... and with endorsements on their licences.

It's not my favourite place on earth, but I seem to spend a lot of time sitting at the Kingswells roundabout, thanks to the peak-time traffic light phasing that only allows five or six cars through on each green phase from Countesswells.

During the time I am there, usually there are two or three drivers who blatantly flout the law and pull over onto the wrong side of the double white lines into the path of oncoming traffic to steal a march on other drivers.
Crossing a double white line is a not a minor offence like parking on double yellows. It carries potentially hefty fines, penalty points and even potential disqualification! All for the sake of saving a minute or two.

double white lines

This morning's incident was when four cars came off the Kingswells roundabout heading to Countesswells, only to meet a driver in a big 4x4 coming down the wrong side of the road, round what is a semi-blind corner!

Interesting how often we see police speed checks when we know from Department of Transport figures that exceeding the speed limit is a factor in only 5% of accidents.

Yet, here where I see drivers
risking head-on accidents twice daily every day, I have never seen a police check.
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